An albino jill

Ferrets are a vital cog in the falconer's team. Without them we would have very little sport. They are fascinating but often under-valued little animals. While a good ferret can be the making of a successful rabbiting expedition a bad ferret can be a cause for total despair. Careful selection, considerate handling and attention to their needs are the key to owning a successful ferret. For more information about hawking with ferrets (and training hawks and ferrets to work together) read Chapter 9 in my book Falconry: the Essential Guide (see Published Books and Articles page). Also my article Ferret Whispering in the IBR Directory No. 7.

Polecat face mask

Hawks are easily trained to accept the ferret as a useful partner and will happily observe its efforts without any attempt to attack.


For advice on all aspects of ferret welfare and management visit www.pakefieldferrets.co.uk. For ferreting equipment visit www.deben.com.