Falconry: The Essential Guide Published by Crowood Press in 2006 and now in its second imprint, ISBN 1861268637, ISBN- 13 9781861268631. 160 pages + 100 colour illustrations and 20 line drawings. Recommended retail price £19.95. Signed copies available from the author @ £23.00 including p+p (for contact details see Home Page).

"This book is aimed at both those who are on the point of taking up falconry as well as those who already have hawks. It examines all aspects of the sport and is packed with practical advice and information. The author's enthusiasm for his subject is infectious and the text is written in a clear, accessible style. His realistic approach to falconry is demonstrated by his assertion that we should "not let people over-complicate the theory" and that we should "stick to common sense and consistency".

This is a one-stop guide to all those with an interest in falconry.

Topics cover-

* What is involved in becoming a falconer, and all the factors that have to be considered when choosing and buying a hawk.

* Preparing for the arrival of the hawk.

* Day-to-day management including feeding, hygiene, health and welfare.

* Early training.

* Hunting & field craft.

* The quarry.

* The falconer's use of dogs and ferrets. Extract from this chapter is "Training the pointing dog".


Hawk Whispering Published in the IBR Directory No. 6. For back copies or downloaded copies of the article contact

This article is described as "one of the most innovative and refreshing new approaches to hawk training". It deals with the "language" of birds of prey and describes how an understanding of this will speed up the training and manning of raptors. By using the correct body language the falconer will communicate more readily with his or her hawk.


Ferret Whispering Published in the IBR Directory No 7. For copies see above. Written to help those falconers who get a ferret to work with their hawk but have no experience of training or handling them. Sadly the published edition, which finished with a humourous, true anecdote, omitted the punch line. Read the story and then add "You silly bugger, it's still in there."


The Brittany - a breed profile Published in "Dogging In" the Newsletter of the Worcestershire Gundog Training Club. This article can be seen on


Notes on recall training "It was with me when I set out" .